The biggest hole in the US

Yes I called it a hole, but your reading about right now, right 😉. We decided during our time in Kingman, AZ we wanted were going to the Grand Canyon. After talking to Shane and Jill V. about going to the Grand Canyon. They told us about the Grand Canyon Railway & Hotel and how much fun it is to ride the train, what you see, and how relaxing it is. We decided to go with their suggestion and take the train.

So we left Kingman at 6am to make a 9am train departure time, the roads were good until we reach just outside of Williams, AZ. Then we came across this beautiful sign and the weather that came with it.   Continue reading

Gettin’ our kicks on Route 66

Hey everyone, Michelle here. Here is our latest update.

We are loaded up and ready to head to Kingman. First stop, dump station. Easy peasy, nothing was frozen and dumped quickly. 

Next stop, Twentynine Palms Marine Corps Base for diesel and a winter coat for P. Heading to base was interesting, we took the wrong road and had to turn around.

Sweet Mary, Morther of God….this is going to suck. We found sand ‘road’ and it Y’d off, then it tried to turn around. Wasn’t happening, we would have jacked knifed. So we pulled straight down the road and backed up the road. Dempsey did great, he took his time, backed up the rig slowly. I jumped out of the truck to back him up across the road. I walk across the road keeping an eye on the absolutely empty lanes of traffic. Backed him across like we’ve been doing this forever. Hopped in the truck and headed to Twentynine Palms for what we needed. Continue reading

Joshua Tree Lake RV & Campground

We stayed at Joshua Tree Lake RV & Campground in Joshua Tree, California. This campground is located in the middle of nowhere, and I mean nowhere.  Anyways, we find the campground entrance, and the drive is about a mile long, off a very not highly driven road.

We get there, I check in, and we can just pick a spot and set up camp. We drove around and picked a spot, should have pulled through (but we didn’t hard lesson learned), and got set up.  And…..we can’t get level to save our lives, the ground is super sandy and its loose and of course we had to pick one that’s on a hill. SERIOUSLY! Alright, this isn’t going to beat us. We started to chock the tires and find out we’ve lost the tool, UGH! Well adapt and over come, we figured it out. Time to get the water, electric, and sewer hooked up. Continue reading

Taco boats?

Hey everyone, Michelle here! I went grocery shopping and saw the coolest soft taco shells. My family loves tacos and we really can put them away. So much so I never really purchase taco shells because the kids just get frustrated and take the insides out. Kind of defeats the purpose of a taco. Anyways while picking up our groceries I saw that Old El Paso made soft taco boats, SOLD! I was so excited to try these that we had them that night.


There are 8 boats, 4 of us, sweet we each get 2, which we found out was more than enough.


Oh they are so cute! SO I cooked up a pound of hamburger and turned it into taco meat. I also made refried beans by Rosarita, by far my favorite type of beans, chopped up some Romain lettuce and tomatoes, Lucerne sour cream and Mexican shredded cheese by Kraft. Honestly it was amazing! The boats were easy to handle, for the kids, the stuffing didn’t fall out, it was perfect. I can’t wait to make these again, they were a huge hit with everyone.


What I really think I enjoyed about this was portion control. You couldn’t add a ton of stuff like you can with an actual taco shell. So much yum! Till next time ❤

Miramar Air Show

Hey everyone, Michelle here. This past weekend the whole family went to the MCAS Miramar Air Show. It was amazing and there was so much to see. Air shows are the most amazing thing to watch to see a small demonstration of the US military flexing its muscle. The kids were able to see tanks, so many different types of aircraft, and so many vendors. The kids talked with active duty guys from different squadrons about their jobs, even SEAL Team 1 and 7 were there for P to drool over. His new goal in life is to become a Team guy. He received a lot of information and he said he’s going to start implementing it. We shall see.

Anyways below are some pics from the Air Show, we hope you enjoy them. Till next time ❤
IMG_8888 IMG_8891 IMG_8892 IMG_8893 IMG_8895 IMG_8896 IMG_8898 IMG_8899 IMG_8901 IMG_8902 IMG_8903 IMG_8906 IMG_8908 IMG_8909 IMG_8910 IMG_8914 IMG_8915 IMG_8919 IMG_8920

Fall into Paleo

Since eating Paleo is also about eating seasonally, it seems fitting to host a 30 day Paleo challenge every equinox and solstice. With the autumn equinox arriving this week….it’s time for our seasonal “Fall into Paleo” 30 Day Paleo Challenge, which fires off Monday September 21st, 2015! With the holidays right around the corner, this is your last chance this year to fall headfirst into one of our Paleo challenges, as we won’t be hosting another until 2016!
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Happy fall y’all! 🙂 

In good health,
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Delicious Eggplant Pizza Bites!

These are an easy to make healthy alternative to pizza that is great in the summer months when the veggies are plentiful and can also be made gluten free. Quick tip : These are also great when they are done on the grill!


1 large eggplant, cut into 1/4 inch slices

1 tablespoon coarse salt

1 tablespoon oil

1 teaspoon Italian seasoning or oregano

Salt and pepper to taste

1 cup pizza sauce

1 cup mozzarella, shredded

1 ounce pepperoni 


Sprinkle the eggplant with the coarse salt, let sit on paper towels for 20 minutes and wipe dry.

Brush the eggplant slices with oil and season with Italian seasoning, salt and pepper.

Roast the eggplant in a preheated 400F oven until it just starts to turn tender, about 15-20 minutes. (Do not let them become too soft or mushy.)

Top the eggplant with sauce, cheese and pepperoni and broil until the cheese has melted, about 3-5 minutes.

Option: Grill the eggplant instead of baking them.

Note: Eggplant can get bitter with age and salting it helps draw out that bitterness. If you are using younger eggplants you can skip the salting and save some time.
The finished goodness…Eggplant pizza and tabouli.


AND….it’s kid approved! Till next time ❤️



Hey everyone, Michelle here! I had some downtime today, so I decided to check out the dog park that is on Admiral Baker. 


It is surprising very nice. The park is less than a quarter acre, actually is about as big as city plot for a house. Anyways, Apollo and Boonie seem to love it! There is enough space for them to run around, we have to walk here so that is nice as well.

When you first walk in, there is maybe a 20-30 foot enclosed area to take the leash off your dog before actually entering the park. The entire park is enclosed and has a privacy fence because it backs right up to Admiral Baker Golf course. There is lots of seating. A big bench that surrounds and old tree for shade, two park benches, and a picnic table with a arbor and a trash can. They provide a water source, which right now is quite astounding given the fact we are on water restrictions, and a bowl.

There is a couple of agility things, but my dogs are not big on jumping over or through stuff. 


Aside from there not being a lot of dogs to play with, the park is very nice. Next time I’ll have to remember a ball or frisbee for the dogs to play with.

The dogs are exhausted and it seems like it’s time to get some chores done. Till next time ❤️

Lions and Chargers

Dempsey and I had an excellent day on our last day in our S&B. We went to watch San Diego Chargers vs Detroit Lions at Qualcomm Stadium in sunny San Diego.

We really couldn’t have asked for a better day. Great time tailgating with fellow Lions fans, fantastic seats in the end zone, sunny and warm. Well I lie, we could have asked for a win for the Lions. That would have made it epic.

Awesome friends who dropped Dempsey and I off and then picked us up. They watched and fed the minions. It really was a great day. Here are some pictures of our fabulous day.


We won stuff at the tailgate party


J. Bell and Mario Lopez


10 Easy Movie-Going Experiences: Great Drive-In Theaters

Watching multiple movies for less than the cost of the average ticket price from the comfort of your own vehicle — what more could you ask for? Oh, don’t forget the popcorn and soda, or perhaps a hamburger is more what you had in mind. Fortunately, that is unlikely to be a problem when you visit one of the hundreds of drive-in theaters in the U.S.


First cropping up in New Jersey in 1933, drive-ins quickly became all the rage. Pairing cinema with automobiles, they grew in popularity and spread across the country. Although they don’t enjoy the following they once did, many still command crowds of loyal fans on a weekly basis. Here are ten drive-ins that are worth taking a road trip for.

1. 66 Drive-In – Carthage, Missouri

Truly a blast from the past, this drive-in theater was built in 1949 along the historical Route 66 Highway. In the 1950s, the screen was widened to differentiate from television broadcasts, which were becoming more prevalent in the area. A playground was added at that time as well.


Although it was closed for a period in 1985, it was reopened in 1998 following renovations. It present, contemporary movies show throughout the summer on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings.

2. Bengies Drive-In Theatre – Baltimore, Maryland

Opening in 1956, Bengies Drive-in features the largest movie screen at 52 feet high and 120 feet wide, 6,240sq-feet. It also provides state-of-the-art digital projection; FM broadcast systems, vintage trailers and intermission clips, as well as in car heaters during its dusk to dawn movie showings.


To maintain the integrity of the location and ensure the enjoyment of patrons, there is a lengthy, strictly enforced list of rules. Since failure to follow these rules results in immediate ejection without refund, it is a good idea to check them out ahead of time.

3. Cherry Bowl Drive-In Theatre & Diner – Honor, Michigan

Boasting the largest movie screen in Northern Michigan, the Cherry Bowl Drive-in opened in 1953. Providing a double feature every night it is open, it also projects a vintage film, cartoons, and intermission footage.


Although they also have an FM broadcast, the primary sound system consists of the original vacuum tube motiograph amplifiers on poles at each parking spot. Further adding to the 1950’s experience, they offer a homemade dinner—including cheesy fries and ribs—and mini-golf for additional family fun.

4. Cumberland Drive-In Theatre – Newville, Pennsylvania

Opening in 1952 with the movie “Annie Get Your Gun,” the Cumberland has been in business for over 60 years.


Operated by the same family for its entire existence, the theater faced a challenge that affected many drive-ins in 2013. Film companies were insisting that they make the transition from film to digital. This required a 75,000-dollar investment that many didn’t have.

To ensure the continuation of the historic drive-in, the family encouraged patrons to vote for them on various social media sites. The five theaters with the most support would receive a digital projector donated by Honda. The fans of the Cumberland Drive-in prevailed and won a projector for their beloved theater.

5. Hull’s Drive In – Lexington, Virginia

Due to the generous donations of its patrons, Hull’s Drive-in has the privilege of claiming the title of the only non-profit drive-in in the world.


Built in 1950, the theater developed such a devoted following that in 1999, when the owner couldn’t afford to upgrade the equipment and reopen for the summer season, the fans decided to take action. They formed a not-for-profit organization called Hull’s Angels. In 2000, they received their tax-exempt status and the theater has been going strong ever since.

6. Mission Tiki Drive-In Theatre – Montclair, California

The Mission Tiki opened in 1956. In 1975, it expanded from one screen to four. Then, in 2006, it received a major overhaul. The ticket booths and concession building were remodeled to look like Tiki huts. The sound system was expanded to include FM transmitters so guests could listen to the audio from their car’s stereo and the projectors were also upgraded.


Guests can visit the Swap Meet that runs from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. Plus, they can enjoy the burgers and Mexican food offered at the concession stand during the daily double features this theater guarantees rain or shine.

7. Redwood Drive-In Theatre – West Valley City, Utah

Established in 1948, the Redwood Drive-in was an instant success. The double features are shown seven days a week except for during the oldest days of winter. The FM transmissions ensure patrons get the best quality audio and the stat-of-the-art digital projector means that they get the most up-to-date movies.


Their world famous Swap Meet is open Saturday and Sunday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the summer and 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the winter, as well.

8. Spud Drive-In Theatre – Driggs, Idaho

Home of the giant potato, the Spud Drive-in was built in 1953. As homage to the potato country in which it was established, the owners decided to use an enormous representation of a spud on the flatbed of a 1940’s model truck as its marquee.


With homemade burgers and fries, it is truly a throwback to an earlier time. The theater shows movies on Saturday and Sunday evenings, as well as holidays throughout summer. They also host concerts and other events.

9. Wellfleet Drive-In Theatre – Wellfleet, Massachusetts

Open seven days a week from late May through mid-September, the Cape Cod drive-in was built in 1957.


This accommodating theater provides several snack and entertainment options. The drive-in has a snack bar where patrons can purchase typical movie fare, such as popcorn and candy. At the entrance to the drive-in, however, is a Dairy Bar and Grill, where meals like burgers, pizza, and milkshakes can be purchased and brought in to be enjoyed during the movies. There is also a flea market and mini-golf area.

10. Wilderness Outdoor Movie Theater, Trenton, Georgia

Also claiming the largest outdoor screens in the world, this theater is open from April to October, Friday through Sunday. Built in the 1950s, it provides all of the charm of that time period—complete with a grassy area in the back for people to watch movies from their lawn chairs—while showing the most up-to-date movies.


With few of the “bells and whistles” that accompany some drive-in options, the Wilderness Outdoor Movie Theater provides exactly what it suggests. It is a clean facility that sells traditional movie-watching snacks. If authenticity is what one is looking for, they are sure to get it at this theater.

In Conclusion

From the rustic and historical to the renovated and cutting-edge, drive-in theaters are as “American” as Fourth of July and apple pie. Reaching the peak of their popularity in the 1950s and 60s, they have lost some of their original appeal—due in part to the air-conditioned multi-plex. For many, however, they continue to be a source of nostalgia and entertainment.

Please share with any friends of the drive-in to keep this page of U.S. history alive.

Written by: 

 Source: 10 Easy Movie-Going Experiences: Great Drive-In Theaters

Look we are on…

FACEBOOK! Yes it’s true, I’m actually going to start utilizing our Facebook page more. Our life is hitting the road and we want you to join us. There you will find quick updates and links to here, our blog! So cool! So much is going to happen in the next couple of weeks/months I want to make sure we have it all documented. Follow us on Facebook to keep up with where we are and what we are doing on a daily basis.

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Be sure to set us to SEE FIRST on the Facebook page so you don’t miss out on any of the action! (stolen with pride from @The Adventures of Pookie and the Bear)


T minus 14 days

Hey everyone, Michelle here. I can’t believe we are 2 weeks out. Two weeks and we are out of our stick and brick house and into our new home!

This weekend we are moving all of our important sentimental items to our storage unit. And get our rig ready for us to move in.

I can’t wait to take you on our adventure. Till next time ❤️


Hi everyone, Michelle here. Today’s post is political, it is cumbersome, and honest.

July 16th, 2015 a Mohammad Youssduf Adbulazeer, a naturalized US citizen, a graduate of the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga in Electrical Engineering, committed an act of terror on American soil. Mohammad shot and killed four (4) United States Marines and injured three (3) more – one US Navy Sailor, one US Marine, and one police officer. Continue reading

How to Protect Yourself and Your Social Media Account

***Alert**** Family & Friends: check your followers and groups. Over the last few weeks, I have had several new followers and been added to groups, with whom I have no obvious affiliation and who’s pages/groups were not English speaking/written. Certainly don’t want to be paranoid – but my page is loaded with Military pic and friends, and the ISIS threat is real.

Please be sure to look at and read the references listed at the bottom. There they will show you how to do protect your profile and how to change everything as needed.

Recommended Individual Protective Measures:

  • DoD personnel are reminded to use OPSEC at work and at home
  • Secure DoD affiliated credentials (CAC/Building passes) when in public
  • Remove any DoD/military/law enforcement decals and identifiers from clothing and vehicles.
  • Vary travel routes to and from work.
  • If You See Something, Say Something…report suspicious activity.
  • Maintain situational awareness or avoid public venues where large gatherings of people congregate.
  •  Educate your family members on basic security practices.
  • Lock down your social media and change your passwords regularly.
  • Be careful of information shared on social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Do not post anything on social media that affiliates you with DoD/the military or law enforcement.
  • Do not post anything on social media opposing terrorist groups or organizations.

Social media precautions:

  • Think before you post and assume everyone in the world will be able to see what you are posting, or tweeting, even if the site limits your posts to your friends and family.
  • Limit who can view your social media sites; but do not trust these settings as absolute.
  • Avoid posting your home or work address and phone numbers; and any government or military affiliation.
  • Avoid providing detailed accounts of your day (e.g., when you leave for or return from work).
  • Never allow applications to geolocate your location.

At home:

  • Always lock doors, windows and garages.
  • Make sure home entrances are well-lighted, and minimize bushes where intruders can hide before their ambush.
  • Use the peephole before opening the door to anyone. Don’t use the chain latch to open the door part-way. Don’t open the door to solicitors or strangers.
  • Install solid-core doors, heavy-duty locks and window security systems.
  • Establish a safe haven.
  • Hold a family meeting to work out home security plans.

What to watch for:

  • Unusual interest in sensitive information about security measures, personnel, entry points, peak days/hours of operation, and access controls such as alarms or locks.
  • Someone engaging in overtly suspicious actions to provoke and observe responses by public safety personnel.
  • Discreet use of cameras or video recorders, sketching, or note-taking consistent with surveillance.
  • Observation of, or questions about facility air conditioning, heating, and ventilation systems.
  • Repeated visits by the same subjects, including attempts to disguise appearance from visit to visit.
  • Attempted or unauthorized access to rooftops or other sensitive areas.
  • Observation of or unusual questions about security measures, such as staffing, barriers, restricted areas, cameras, and intrusion detection systems.
  • Multiple false alarms or fictitious emergency calls to the same locations or similar venues.
  • Unusual interest in speaking with building maintenance personnel.
  • Observation of security reaction drills or procedures.
  • Attention to or avoidance of surveillance cameras.
  • Garments not appropriate for weather/seasons.


Summertime can mean deadly danger

Hi everyone, Michelle here! Oh summertime lovin’! One of the best times of the year for many, but there is a hidden danger. Vehicles can be a dangerous and deadly place. Our biggest dog, Apollo, almost became a casualty of the heat.

We were driving home from Lake Tahoe, when we left it was about 48* but that was at 6,000 ft. By the time we hit the valley around Modesto the temperature was reading 98* in the car. We made a pit stop because it had been two hours and it was time for everyone to use the restroom. Dempsey and P took the dogs out to use the restroom while B and I used the restroom, then we switched. Apollo didn’t use the restroom for Dempsey or myself, we loaded everyone back into the truck and went our way.

About 5 minutes down the road Dempsey was showing concern for Apollo, especially since we were guessing it was at least 105*-ish. He suggested that we bring Apollo upfront with us, at least through the hottest portion of the trip. I started to make room for him up in between Dempsey and I.

11050666_10155707874150459_2091039296629917159_nThank god we brought him up front with us, his water was already empty and we had just filled it, he was breathing so heavily, and he wasn’t drooling. It took 15 minutes before he started to cool down and was able to somewhat lay down.


Dempsey will tell you until he’s blue in the face that he doesn’t like Apollo, but judging by the picture below he truly does love Apollo.


We took every precaution to make sure he stayed cool on the ride home. Wire cage for optimal wind exchange, top covered to keep the sun off of him, froze his water so he had something cold to drink, checked on him and refilled his water every 2 hours. Even with all of these measures we deemed it still too hot for him to be in back. Poor baby was getting too hot but we caught it in time. Don’t leave your pets or children in vehicles in unattended. Their lives depend on it.

Till next time ❤️



Aerosmith and open containers

Hi everyone, Michelle here. Oh the day before the fourth was so much fun. We had an adult day and evening. From Carnelian Bay to South Lake Tahoe, the drive was amazing. We loved Tahoe, the beauty was just amazing. We then went to Hard Rock Tahoe for dinner and some pre-gaming. Becky and I shared two flights of their margaritas. The guys had  some interesting drink…then bring on the mojitos. So many mojitos, so little time…it was blissful. We finished our dinner, because Nevada is awesome so we took our drinks with us. It was time to find our seats to the concert.

Our friends, the seats, the concert, the atmosphere, everything came together to have an amazing evening. No rain, contact highs 😉 , and just an all and all amazing time!

Till next time ❤️


Off to Aerosmith


This waiter had the BEST handlebar mustache ever!


I love the fact that I can leave the restaurant with my mojito


God Bless Nevada and their open container laws


Booze, out in town, no cops in sight ❤


Our seats rocked


Becky is the coolest of the cool


Good times getting ready to be had!


Yes, she had to get with the Coors Light girl


OMG! Leinienkugel’s Summer Shandy on draft….its the little things in life.


I love these two goofy balls


OMG, it is time


Joe Perry and Steven Tyler


They were amazing


Steven Tyler really likes his wind fan


Joe Perry actually sang, solo….it was amazing


Steven Tyler


Joe Perry


Yeah, these two dorks


Joe Perry, lay off the spray tan and/or out of the tanning bed.

DIY Slide Stabilizers


Hi everyone, Michelle here! Today I was poking around on Facebook through my personal account. I have been blessed to be apart of some really great RV sites: RV Interior IdeasRV Remodeling, Decorating and RenovationsRV Tips and Helpful HintsRV living for Military FamiliesFull Time RVing –, and RV There Yet? some of my favorite and ones I frequently visit.

While I was on RV There Yet? there was one particular thread that caught my eye and really peaked my interest. A lady named Wendy was talking about slide supports that her guy, Jesse, made took just about took away all of the rocking that is customary with trailers. With her permission I’m posting her tutorial, when build ours I will update this blog with of our insight, if any is needed. She did an amazing job giving me all of the information.

Wendy did state that if the ground is super wet you could put a block of wood under each leg, but they have not had a problem yet. (Always good information to have)

Thank you so much Wendy! I appreciate you and Jesse sharing your photos with me and taking the time to tell me how to get it done 😀

From here on out its going to be a picture tutorial with random insight on some of the pictures…Happy Building!

Till next time ❤️

STUFF YOU GUNNA NEEDED (amounts will vary depending on the number of slides you have)

  • 2×4’s
  • Washers
  • Bolts
  • Nuts
  • Eye Bolts
  • Tie Down Straps

Each brace is measured out for each slide since the rails for each slide vary.







Two washers on each side of the 2 x 4 to help it move back-and-forth




Use a ratchet strap to bring it snug but not to lift the slide


Photo under the slide


The Living Room Slide Bracket


Bedroom Slide Bracket, much smaller than the living room bracket


The Dining Room Bracket is bigger than the Living Room Bracket


You can see the marks where the rail for the slide sets on top of the bracket


10 iPhone Storage Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Hi everyone, Michelle here! Have you had the perfect picture on your phone, went to take the picture just have “Cannot Take Photo” show up!


NOOOOOOO! Now you have to delete photos, but which ones, they all mean something to you or you wouldn’t have taken them right. Well now here is a way to optimize your storage space. Country Living wrote an article about how to make the most of your phones storage. After changing some simple things on my phone it was amazing how much space I found, now if I could do that on my computer I would it would be grand.

10 iPhone Storage Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Till next time ❤️

Mini-Golf…Tahoe Style

Hi everyone, Michelle here. While we were Tahoe we took advantage of playing mini-golf. This course was not like another, it had Xtreme rules, which made it a lot of fun. Check out the pictures below, it was a wicked good time to change up the game a little.

Till next time ❤️



IMG_7616 IMG_7617

IMG_7618 IMG_7619

IMG_7620 IMG_7622

IMG_7623 IMG_7624

IMG_7621 IMG_7628

IMG_7625 IMG_7626

IMG_7627 IMG_7629

IMG_7631 IMG_7630

IMG_7632 IMG_7633

IMG_7637 IMG_7636

IMG_7639 IMG_7640

IMG_7634 IMG_7644

IMG_7643 IMG_7645

IMG_7646 IMG_7647

IMG_7642 IMG_7638